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    Robert LMT Licensed Massage Therapist

    Welcome to MassageLodge.com, an online community founded by massage therapists and dedicated to massage therapists. We would like to encourage and invite all massage therapy students, massage therapists and all massage therapy professionals to join our online community. As practicing therapists with a passion and a love for the massage profession, we wanted to start a community where all massage therapy professionals could congregate on the web to learn, share and discuss all things related to the massage therapy profession. Working as a therapist is a very rewarding and fulfilling career by bringing healing and comfort to others through touch. This is not only therapeutic to our clients but to us as therapists. Helping others through massage is a wonderful thing. It's always been our belief that massage therapy heals the mind, body and soul. We look forward to interacting, meeting and getting to know everyone on the forum. We also would like to thank each one of you for your kind participation and contributions to the community. Welcome, please say hello and make yourselves feel at home.