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Trade Out Or Pay For A Massage ?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussions' started by Massage Admin, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Massage Admin

    Massage Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Massage therapists like anyone else benefits from receiving a regular massage, especially with the vigorous schedules some of us keep. I have found however when it comes to getting a massage many therapists have a different approach and perspective on how they get a massage. Some like to simply trade out with another therapist, this way you don't pay each other anything but simply give a massage in return. This method has it's drawbacks however, if you're the one giving the massage first, the person you've just massaged that's supposed to give you a massage is now tired, often too relaxed to give you a good massage in return. I recommend if you're gonna trade out massages, schedule them on different days so you will get a good massage in return. Other therapists like to pay for the massage just as a client would pay for a massage and even tip. This way works great for scheduling purposes while also allowing you to get the therapist of your choice. The only drawback about getting a massage this way, if you need a massage regularly it can get pretty costly if you get two or three massages a week. Then there's other therapists that find someone they really like to trade out with and just give a tip for the massage. Being a therapist I've always been intrigued of how every therapist is different when it comes to getting a massage. As a massage therapist, what is your favorite way of receiving a massage on a regular basis?
  2. LeahMT

    LeahMT New Member

    I prefer to simply trade out massages with another favorite therapist but schedule the massages on different days. I have tried trading right after on the same day and it's true, the person who is massaged first more often is tired and too relaxed to give you the same massage in return.