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Three Secrets In Choosing The Right Massage Music

Discussion in 'Favorite Massage Music' started by SandsXen, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. SandsXen

    SandsXen New Member

    There are three secrets you must know when choosing the right massage music. Picking the best music for your massage is very challenging. Do not fall into the trap I fell into. These secrets can ensure you creating a relaxing atmosphere.

    #1 Secret

    Take your choice of sounds, to be played while you work, very seriously. Many therapist do not give enough credit to the outcome of this simple preparation. Try not to rush when you are considering songs, a little extra attention to detail here makes all the difference. Do not fall into the rut of always running the same old tape, so to speak. Your musical environment can make a lasting impression, it is as important as the lighting or temperature.

    #2 Secret

    Stop and think about your client and what they are coming to you for and what their major issues are. Do your best to meet their needs even with the CD or download you cue up. Picture this... someone is coming to you because of depression and you pick the slowest most understated music you know. Imagine how that could affect them. They are already down as can be. Perhaps a relaxing more upbeat tune would serve them better!

    #3 Secret

    Most professionals will agree that as a therapist, you, personally also have needs that must be considered. The very act of giving a massage can be completely taxing. You can benefit tremendously by musically matching the energy level you would like to maintain throughout the session. Take good care of yourself. Always pick sounds that uplift and keep you focused. The more you can give to yourself the more you have to give your client!

    I am sure you know that...

    Massage music is powerful healing medicine but it also has the power to harm as well. Use these 3 Secrets to Choosing the Right Massage Music and pick your tunes with intention and respect.

    Most Importantly...

    Consider this carefully and remember that this information on the right massage music - 3 Secrets to when choosing the appropriate massage music for each massage therapy session.
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  2. VeronicaM23

    VeronicaM23 New Member

    Great advice, depending on the client and their current situation and state of mind, I always choose the music carefully. Each client is different and I never take for granted that a client actually wants music played during their session. I always ask first but most clients do.